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New Release Book Review: Indigo’s Dragon by Sofi Croft


 Title: Indigo’s Dragon
Author: Sofi Croft
Published: June 23rd 2016 (originally January 22nd 2015)
Publisher: Accent YA
Genre: Young Adult, Magical Realism, Folk Tale
Length: 107 pages
Source: Paperback from the publisher

Book Blurb (via Goodreads):

Fans of How to Train your Dragon, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson will love the debut novel Indigo’s Dragon, a tale of adventure, mystery, and a legendary trip where he encounters a monster or two Indigo lives in the Lake District, and spends his time exploring the mountains he loves. An unexpected parcel arrives containing a first aid kit inside his grandfather s satchel. Indigo s curiosity is raised as he looks through his grandfather s notebook to discover drawings of mythical creatures.Strange things begin to happen and Indigo finds himself treating an injured magpie-cat, curing a cockatrice of its death-darting gaze, and defending a dragon. Indigo realises he must uncover the secrets his family have kept hidden, and travels alone to the Polish mountains to search for his grandfather and the truth.Danger looms as events spiral out of control, and Indigo needs to make choices that change him, his world, and his future forever.

My Thoughts

I was really excited when I first heard about this book. I love a good dragon story and when it’s set in our world and not a high fantasy, all the better. Adding magic to the every day isn’t easy, but when it’s done right – like this – it’s a wonderful thing.

Indigo lives with his family in the Lake District, enjoying the scenery and his every day life, until one day he receives his beloved Opi’s bag. His grandfather was never without the bag and so naturally Indigo is worried. When mysterious creatures he always thought existed only in his Opi’s tales appear on his doorstep, Indigo finds himself on an adventure that takes him to the beautiful country of Poland to learn the secrets that his family has kept.

First of all, as cheesy as it sounds, I’m going to say it anyway: this book is magical. Whisking readers away from the ordinary almost immediately, with Indigo finding a mythical magpie-cat in his garden, Croft does an excellent job of weaving our world in with the fantastic.

As Indigo meets the delightfully blunt and mysterious Rue at the library while looking for answers, events are set in motion that find them both in Kraków, Poland. Indigo is there to learn about his heritage and find Opi but he doesn’t speak the language and so both he and the reader find it difficult to understand just exactly what his grandmother, Omi, is trying to tell him. I loved the way that you could see the loving relationship between them despite the language barrier.

While Indigo explores the sanctuary that his grandfather set up and filled with fantastical creatures, Omi seems to become older and more frail with each passing day, and Indigo is running out of time as the delicate balance of the sanctuary tips in his grandfather’s absence.

A truly imaginative and exciting tale, with beautiful descriptions of both the Lake District and Kraków with the sanctuary of mythical creatures. Croft has created a stunning tale with an ingenious twist.

A wonderful story for young and old readers alike. I only wish it could have been longer, I didn’t want to leave the world within the pages.


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About the Author

Sofi Croft is an author published by Accent YA. She is currently working on Indigo’s Dragon, a MG/teen fantasy series, and Eidolon, a YA paranormal trilogy.

Sofi was born and brought up in Swansea and spent much of her youth exploring the beaches on the Gower peninsula looking for evidence of sea monsters. She studied Biology and Geology at Liverpool University, and learned to scuba dive so she could continue her search for sea monsters under the waves.

She has worked as a Geologist and Science Teacher in many parts of the UK but has now settled in the Lake District with her family where she loves to read, write, walk the fells and canoe the lakes, searching for monsters and other wildlife.

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*Picture and Biography from Goodreads

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