YA Review Squad – Thoughts on Luca Son of Morning

YA Review Squad member Katie Traherne gives the lowdown on being part of the Squads, and an extract of Luca, Son of Morning

3D coverAs a keen reader, I’m always searching for a new novel to pursue.  Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when the local independent publisher, Accent Press, contacted Howell’s School Llandaff interested in setting up the Accent YA Editor’s Squad, a team of enthusiastic young readers and writers.

As a member of the Accent YA Review squad, I am ecstatic to have access to free exclusive material such as sample chapters and complete manuscripts of books that are yet to be released to the general public.  Working with Accent, I will have opportunities to interview authors, showcase my work in the Accent Press newsletter and, most importantly, give the authors and editors honest feedback on the work they present to me.  Since the books fall under the umbrella of Young Adult fiction, it’s a great way for them to hear directly from the target audience and I am personally ecstatic to have opportunity to read and review the compelling new works of fiction, even helping to shape the next generation of published YA fiction.

Luca, Son of the Morning is a book due to be published by Accent Press in February 2016.  The author, Tom Anderson, winds together genres of fantasy and mystery together with the coming-of-age struggles of teenager Luca to create developed characters, that come across interesting and genuine. Themes of mental health, friendship and family come together to form a believable and engaging story teeming with the supernatural and the unknown, which kept me – and still has me – on tenterhooks.

I am lucky to have read 10 sample chapters of the novel, which is currently under construction. Unfortunately, I have a tense wait until I can read more of the novel, which I’m sure contains answers to all the questions that I have formulated within the first part of the book.  I’m particularly interested to see how the relationship between friends Luca and Gaby develops; their unusual friendship is equally aggravating and intriguing.

Of course, I have another YA Title, The Sea Singer by Shome Dasgupta, lined up to delve into within the final few weeks of the summer holidays.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts on The Sea Singer very soon!