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Eidolon is the start of a new dark ya fantasy series  by Indigo’s Dragon author Sofi Croft.


Paul is sent from a young offenders prison to Ty Hapus, a home for mentally ill young adults, because he sees and talks to his dead sister. Without his consent and against his wishes the doctors drug him in painful and disturbing treatment sessions. During repeated escape attempts Paul experiences strange phenomena relating to his sister’s appearances, and he becomes increasingly confused as to what is real and what is delusion. When Paul meets the other patients he realises he is not the only one who hears voices that appear to be connected to strange powers, and as patients are transferred to the mysterious Ty Eidolon Paul becomes suspicious that they may be destined for a more sinister fate. Despite not knowing the truth about Ty Hapus, or Ty Eidolon, and having a tenuous grip on reality itself, Paul must make a decision whether to escape alone, or help others escape with him and during the events that follow Paul is forced to confront his past, determine the reality of his present, and face an uncertain and incredible future.

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